Simple setup, easy to modify.

You can setup your assistant in minutes and modify content or replies on-the-go via your own dashboard. No coding required.
— Tina Lannin, 121 Captions

Select your NLP, AI engine of choice.


Personalize the look & feel to represent your company or organization.


Insert one line of JS code in your website and your all set.


Respond to customers instantly.

uniq gets to work immediately delivering efficient customer support. It even learns from its own mistakes.
— Bruce Wang, MICROJIG

You can turn on/off your assistance via your dashboard, real-time.

You can edit, add or delete replies in real-time.


Add specific behaviour such as pro-active to increase engagement.


Useful, actionable analytics and insights.

We like to make people happy at Autotrader and uniqs’ incoming feedback shows us how well we are doing.
— Kimberly Benefield, Autotrader

Eliminate guesswork with transcripts of real users conversations. By reading your customer's transcripts, you can identify and improve service issues on the fly.

Understand your customers through engagement, retention, demographics, and more!


We handle all the unstructured data and processing, and provide structured actionable insights such as main topics of concern.


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